SSA Pharmacy Consultants is a company that provides tailor made solutions to the pharmacy's. We combine the knowledge of a pharmacist who has 15 years of experience and as a healthcare provider, with the analytical and business management skills. Our goal is to deliver customized business solutions to all the pharmacies out there. Such solutions will help your business grow, make more profits, build a huge customer base and optimize costs.


Pharmacy and Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare system. Pharmacies are evolving rapidly and showing a good growth trend. This is affected by acceleration in provider consolidation and integration.

Pharmacies are playing active role in Medical Therapy Management (MTM). They have moved beyond dispensing medication to more clinical type services. This clear trend of a shift from dispensing centric function to services centric function has been in trend and growing rapidly. To make it very simple, a pharmacist is on his way to become a healthcare provider. With shrinking number of primary care physicians and growing patient care needs, there seems to be a sea of opportunities.

Another important area is connectivity. It would be good to have pharmacies connected to a common network of payers and providers. This would ensure compliance. It will also help sharing a lot of patient information with the stakeholders. This is empowering the system to do better healthcare management of patients.

As the margins are shrinking, other companies are moving fast towards the much-awaited change in the industry. There is a need for value addition to the existing offerings. With opportunities come challenges.

Are you ready to take on the challenges?
We will make this a piece of cake for you by helping you overcome those challenges and benefit from the new wave of change.

We undertake various projects like:

  • Cost Optimization
  • Managing spends and Finances
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Marketing & acquiring new customers
Our team of professionals in Pharmacy and Management will combine their knowledge of healthcare with analytical and project management skills to deliver tailor made solutions that will help catapult growth for your organization.

Why SSA Pharmacy Consultants?

  • We will improve your EBIT
  • Optimize the costs
  • Reduce spends
  • Manage organizational restructuring
  • Help improve revenues and expand customer base by the way of introduction of new business services / products, and add value to the customers


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Job Offer

Pharmaceutical Management Analyst

By ADMIN | 14 AUG 2014

SSA, a pharmaceutical consulting company located in Edison, New Jersey is seeking a qualified individual for the position of Pharmaceutical Management Analyst. This individual will be responsible to formulate pharmaceutical compliance management system for securing our customers compliance with pharmaceutical federal, state and local regulations, provide interpretive guidance of complex regulatory requirements- studying regulations and industry practices,

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